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ToolingBox carbide scarfing inserts

¿Qué son las herramientas de corte de PCD y diamante?

El material PCD se llama diamante policristalino, es un tipo de nuevo material superduro que se estudió e investigó en la década de 1970. Se puede sinterizar a una temperatura alta de 1400 ℃ y una presión alta de 6GPa.

La granalla de diamante que se ha fusionado bajo condiciones de alta presión y alta temperatura en presencia de un metal catalítico. La dureza extrema, la resistencia al desgaste y la conductividad térmica del diamante lo convierten en un material ideal para la fabricación de herramientas de corte.

El diamante policristalino no es solo un tipo de nuevo material de ingeniería, sino también un tipo de nuevo material funcional. No es solo un producto de alta tecnología sino también un producto de alto beneficio. Con el desarrollo de la industria moderna y la ciencia y la tecnología, el diamante policristalino se ha utilizado ampliamente en la industria moderna, la defensa nacional y los campos de alta tecnología debido a sus excelentes propiedades mecánicas, térmicas, químicas, acústicas, ópticas y eléctricas.


Why ToolingBox ?

ToolingBox is the leading manufacturer of carbide scarfing inserts in China for tube and pipe industries. We manufactured the inserts with premium quality raw materials, and use imported peripheral grinding to ensure the accuracy of the cutting edge, available in different radius and models. CVD coating is used to increase its bending resistance and wear resistance. The offered tools are used to take off OD and ID weld beads to give a perfectly smooth surface finish to tubes and pipes.


We stock a full line of “63” series 4-sided OD scarfing tools, 6-sided OD scarfing tools, and various common sizes in “86” series 4-sided OD scarfing tools and 3 sided tube chamfering tools for your tube scarfing application. Also we accept the customization of non-standard products according to drawings and samples, which provides perfect service for tube and pipe industriesindustry and tool solutions.

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The Advantages Of Our Carbide Scarfing Inserts

As China leading manufacturer of premium cemented scarfing inserts, we ToolingBox supply a wide range of CNC indexable scarfing inserts for steel tube industry, with various specifications and classical grades to select.


100% virgin raw material

Material expertise for demanding challenges from lab research to batch production.

Optimal chipbreaker design

specifically designed to provide a precise and clean cut when scarfing the tubes.

 High product consistency

Multi-axial press capabilities,all mould made in-house and HIP sintered.

 Supreme cutting performance

Improves tool life to reduces cutting cost and cycle time saving.

Video for ToolingBox Carbide Scarfing Inserts:
ToolingBox Carbide Scarfing Inserts #cnc #cuttingtools #Tube mill scarfing

ToolingBox Carbide Scarfing Inserts #cnc #cuttingtools #Tube mill scarfing

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Main ISO Size of ToolingBox Scarfing Inserts:
A. OD-SPUB-63 series:
size of SPUB-63.png
  • Other sizes can be customized and produced

B. OD-HDMB-20 series:
  • Other sizes can be customized and produced

C. ID-RNGX series:
  •  Other sizes can be customized and produced

Packing of carbide scarfing insert SPUB63C

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